Angelique Leong Certified Applied Animal Psychologist and Dog Trainer

Certified Applied Animal Psychologist and Dog Trainer

Greetings! My name is Angelique Leong, and I am a certified Applied Animal Psychologist and Dog Trainer.

I live in Madison Wisconsin with my dog, Bowie, and two one-eyed cats, Iommi & Sweet Leaf. We are blessed with an occasional foster dog from time to time and love each of them as if they were a permanent member of our family.

I love all animals regardless of breed but I specialize in the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of “pit-bull” type dogs as well as advocating for the repeal of Breed Specific Legislation.

I grew up with cats but was rescued by my first dog, Oli, when I was 20. I quickly realized how little I knew about canine behavior and training and began studying to obtain credentials.  

I officially began dog training in 2006 with the focus on reactive dogs. Shortly after I began training dogs I rescued the sweetest English Mastiff/Pitbull mix named Kingsley, who was pulled from a fighting ring in Milwaukee.

Kingsley inspired me to advocate for the equal treatment of people and animals as well as promote responsible dog ownership through positive reinforcement based training. I am always researching new and innovative ways to work with people and their pets and strive to add new techniques to my arsenal of training knowledge.

I enjoy dog training for many reasons and my favorite part about it is watching my clients and their pets strengthen their human/canine bond. From puppies to senior dogs, easy or challenging, my goal is to provide a positive learning experience for all involved.