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Dog and Cat HeadPressing

Often, when our furry children display strange or funny behavior, our first inclination is to laugh and pull out the camera and post it on Facebook. I imagine many of you have seen images of dogs or cats with their heads against a wall or some piece of furniture. At first glance it is cute […]

How to Have A Happy and Healthy Cat

While the cat population slowly increases, veterinary care provided to cats progressively decreases. Typically, cats fail to recieve the same veterinary attention as dogs. Two years ago, feline visits decreased 5% from 2006. This year, it is estimated that fewer than half of the estimated 74 million pet cats in the United States will not […]

Is Your Dog Itchy or Your Cat Wheezy?

Did you know that your pet can suffer from seasonal allergies the same as what you do? Over half of pets can be can be just as miserable as their owners in the spring and summer months with season allergies.  Most owners aren’t even aware of what’s going on. There are typically two types of […]

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Dogs Paws.

I took this article from “The I Love Dogs” website.  I thought it was great information for those of us who love our dogs.  I know that I don’t think often enough about the care of my dog’s feet….when I really should.   As vulnerable as a human foot, paws need to be taken care […]

Five Benefits Walking Provides Your Pet

We all know that it is beneficial for humans to exercise…so it would make sense that it’s the same for our canine companions.  Here are five health benefits for our furry friends. 1.  Helps with weight control.   An overweight pet is not a healthy pet.  A dog that is at a healthy weight can […]

Keeping Your Pet Warm In Winter Weather

Keeping Your Pet Warm in Winter Weather  Understand your breed’s particular susceptibility. Some dog breeds are more prone to the cold than others, while some breeds adapt extremely well to the cold:  It seems that almost every dog walk that I go on during the bitterly cold days are with the dogs that LOVE the weather.  […]

Beautiful-Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas

This is probably my VERY favorite video of anything horse.  It is Edward Gal and Moorlands Totilas when they set the world record with a 92.300% (unheard of) at the FEI World Cup Dressage in 2009.  Gives me goosebumps and brings tears. If your not a horse person it is hard comprehending that.  But….even a […]

Furniture and cat claws! Not a good combination!

I don’t know about you, but my cat will be the death of me…or of my couch, chair, table, etc….   Here are some tips that will help stop kitty from destroying your furniture. Reasons not to declaw. Scratching is natural behavior for cats. Why do cats scratch? Provide your cat with an appropriate scratching […]