FIVE DIY Ideas for Hiding The Litter Box

Leela, Gidget and My Foot

Leela, Gidget and My Foot

I don’t know about you, but I have two cats and two litter boxes for them to share. The litter boxes have their own room, it’s jokingly referred to as My Office. Several years ago I had read an article that said for each cat who owns you, you should have one litter box. In addition, you should have one extra box as well. So that means if you have one cat, you need two litter boxes, if you have two, you need three, I think you get the math.

For while I had the appropriate number of litter boxes, but the mess was astounding, because I did not clean them out enough and of course they were in my basement to keep them out of the way. As my cats aged, I realized that I needed to move them upstairs. I did not have enough room for three litter boxes so I purchased two new covered litter boxes for the office.

Now, because they were in the office, I still did not clean them out as often as I should nor did I clean the excess litter that they inevitably dragged out of the litterboxes onto my floor. So as time went on, my office became the Cat Room or Smelly Mess and I just gave up. Shame me if you must but I refuse to believe I am the only person who loves their cats very much but really despises having to clean up their poo.

That said, I recently offered the Smelly Mess Room to a friend of mine who lives in Connecticut. She will be moving in, in a month or so. This impending living arrangement caused the appropriate level of panic and the realization that not only did I need to find a different place for my office, I needed to relocate the litterboxes.

Thus, the search for Hiding The Litter Boxes began. I found several expensive and glamourous options. I started to think that I could recreate these hidden litter boxes myself by buying a cabinet and customizing it. And to be clear when I say customizing it, I mean; Having my mommy come and make holes big enough for the cats to get in and out. Cause I build websites, not actual physical things…Where was I?

After spending a day shopping, trying to locate a cheap solution, I found myself in the local St. Vinnie’s staring at a cabinet, holding my mother’s measuring tape. I kid you not I stood there for fifteen minutes trying to figure out if this cabinet would work, if it was big enough and then, when I decided that it would be, trying to visualize where in my small home I would put the bloody thing.


DIY Hidden Cat Litter Basket

DIY Hidden Cat Litter Repurposing an Old Basket.

Suddenly I had an eureka moment and I realized that I actually had the solution at home all along. It would not cost a dime and it was already in the perfect spot. So I of course called my mom, she is my go to with this kind of stuff, and told her my idea. It passed the mom test and I drove straight home to meet her and make it happen.

Thus was born the patented Page Hidden Cat Litter Basket! It is actually working great. I have moved from two boxes to the one but I clean it out in the morning and evening so it is working really well. I think my furry masters are also much happier with this arrangement. The Smelly Mess is no more and My Office is now a guest bedroom, sans smell and little litter pebbles.

Five DIY Ideas For Hiding The Litter Boxes

Once I discovered that there were some great DIY Ideas for Hiding The Cat Litter floating around the big ole interwebs, I knew I had to share it with you wonderful readers. Feel free to share your ingenious ideas in the comments below or on our Facebook page! We would love to know how you have hidden your cat litter.

Hiding The Litter Box Behind a Curtain

Hiding Cat Litter Boxes Using End Table

I like this ideas because it is super easy to make happen, you could easily find a cheap end table, or repurpose one you already have and just staple the curtain on. The only issue I have with this is that there is not a lot of room for the cat to get the litter off their paws, so tracking may be an issue.
This post originally came from Beetle Bailey, but it appears the site is no longer active.

Hiding Litter Boxes in Repurposed Damask Benches

DIY Hiding Cat Litter Using Damask Benches

I love this one because it is similar to what we did. It truly is a hidden litter box and with the way the top opens, it is easy to clean.

You can read the original post here at Offbeat Home.

Hiding Litter Boxes In A Cat House

DIY Hiding Cat Litter Boxes In Cat House

I love this one too because of the fun design. If you are really handy, this would be a fun project and you can customize the design to fit your decor! I of course would recommend making it a little longer so there is room for the cats to get the litter off their paws before the exit.

You can view the original post at the Happy Litterbox.

Hiding Litter Boxes Using A Repurposed Side Cabinet

DIY Hiding Cat Litter Boxes Using Side Cabinet

This one came out great and was actually what I was thinking about when I went on my little treasure hunt. Again, looking at it now I think there is not enough room for them to not track litter, but they handled it nicely with a little rug. It looks like they made a great little cat corner.

You can view the instructions and original article at Buildipedia.

Hiding Litter Boxes In A Bench

Hiding Cat Litter Boxes Using A Bench

I love this one because it is large enough for not just the litter box but for the tools needed to maintain it! In addition, there is a nice cushioned top so the furry ones can lounge. I suppose a human could sit there too…

You can find the instructions and original article on MSLK.

There Is A DIY Way To Hide Litter Boxes For Everyone’s Budget and Technical Prowess

Page Hidden Cat Litter BacketThere are truly a plethora of ideas floating around on how to hide the litter boxes in plain sight. I think it is great for those of us who do not have large homes and need to condense. The goal of course is to have a safe and clean place for our furry overloads to do their necessary business, while ensuring the mess doth not overflow. Also the smell. Which means you really need to scoop at least twice a day. At least I do.

What I learned While Hiding The Cat Litter Boxes

  • You need to make sure that whatever DIY Hidden Cat Litter solution you choose, it has enough space for the cat to move freely and not feel claustrophobic, and space so the litter does not track throughout the rest of the house. (Hint: It will, you just need to stay on top of it.)
  • You will need to scoop regularly to keep it clean and ensure the smell of their business does not permeate the rest of the house.
  • DIY Ideas for Hiding The Cat Litter can be cheap and easy or expensive and difficult. Just depends on what project you partake in and how challenging you want to make it.
  • There are so many ideas out there. Google them to find the one that will work for you.
  • If you want to spend money rather than do it yourself, there are lots of solutions for that too.
  • A clean and hidden litter box makes for a happy home.

Be sure to tell us in the comments what you have done to hide your litter boxes.

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