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lulu-old-dog-home-pageMeet our old dog “Lulu” who turned the ripe old age of sixteen in 2010. It is with great sadness that we have to inform our visitors that we suddenly lost Lulu on June 30, 2010.
R.I.P. Our old girl – we love and will miss you. See Lulu’s final videohere.

It’s no accident that Lulu was extremely healthy, fit and full of life. Through diet, exercise and emotional stimulation, she was able to remain healthy for many years. Lulu was also a cancer survivor and in remission for four years.

We adopted Lulu from a local humane society when she was two years old. Besides being very thin, she was infested with fleas and had an infected ear which required surgery.

Those were the obvious problems, but over the years she introduced us to a few more such as severe allergies and thunder phobia.

Many of the topics that we discuss throughout our website are based upon our own experiences with Lulu and our many other dogs.

Always Provide Your Old Dog With A Quality Diet, Social Activity, Exercise And Professional Veterinary Care

Once dogs reach the age of eight, many professional breeders and Veterinarians consider them to be seniors and old dogs. Since all of our dogs have been large and lived to be fourteen (the youngest), I don’t necessarily agree with that thinking. Yet, my goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best dog products, dog supplies and resources available for your aging dog.

Like younger dogs, older dogs need social activity to remain healthy and vibrant. A healthy supply of love and fun, combined with excellent nutrition, exercise and his favorite dog treat will liven-up almost any dog.

So re-energize your dog with good old fashioned fun including walking, ball time or whatever it is that your best friend likes to do. The attention and exercise stimulate their mind and body and ultimately keep them young.

An Active Dog Is A Young Dog

dog with ball

Although all dogs live for routine, old dogs especially rely on it. A nice walk in a dog park or a good game of fetch provides great exercise and social activity for your old dog. A game of hide-and-seek with his favorite ball or toy is a great at home game for your senior dog.

Remember, dogs love to work so spend a few minutes teaching him a new trick and he’ll enjoy the attention as well as the special treats.

Another idea is to make him use his “sense of smell” by developing a game of “Search and Rescue” which all dogs seem to love. Pick out an object such as a dog treat or toy. It’s important that you allow your dog to thoroughly smell it. Make him remain in position while you hide the object. Now, tell him to “find it” and watch that nose go. It might take a few times for him to catch on, but he will.

Since self esteem is critical for dogs and it’s very important to make a big deal about his trick so that he knows he is still top dog no matter what his age!

Dogs and Family

That special bond that we have with our dog is indeed special. Our spouse, our children and our pets make up our family. They have their place in our hearts and in our homes. It’s natural to want the best for him just like any other family member.

Remember, routine is one of the best things that you can give to your old dog, by providing consistency, your dog will be confident that you will always be there for him. In turn, you will have a content and well behaved dog that will bring you joy for many years.

Old Dogs Warm The Heart
And By Providing Time For Your Dog Today,
You’ll Receive Even More Time With Him Tomorrow…


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