Did you know that wolves and dogs are related to each other? From the Great Dane to the toy Chihuahua, all breed of dogs are direct descendants of the wolf. And because of that, many of the wolf’s characteristics and behaviors still survive in today’s domestic dogs.

One of the similarities that exist between wolves and dogs is their ability to travel long distances. Most dogs (except for breeds that have been radically changed by man’s selective breeding) have the energy and strength to travel an average of fifteen miles a day.

Those dogs who do not get enough dog walking become frustrated and often demonstrate destructive, undesirable behaviors such as barking, chewing, running away, and digging.

Dog walking, whether it is dog walking on a leash or dog walking off the leash is the most common and universal way to exercise your dog. In fact, dog walking is an excellent activity.

Both you and your dog can benefit from dog walking by getting an adequate amount exercise. Another neat aspect of dog walking is that it gives you an opportunity to meet people. Dog walking is a wonderful way to meet someone with whom you can form a “dog play group”.

Dog walking is also a great way to train your dog to walk without pulling on his leash. Dog walking is not good nor is it fun if your dog is constantly tugging you down the street while you are gasping and wheezing for air. If you are a beginner at dog walking, you might need to be stubborn at first because it is not natural for a very excited dog to walk at a normal pace to match yours.

If anyone else should do the dog walking with your dog, make sure that they are aware that pulling is not allowed. Consistency is important; you do not want your dog to get into the habit of pulling his leash while being walked, which makes the activity more difficult for you. Dog walking should be a pleasant experience for both you and your dog and one that both of you can look forward to.

Cesar Millan said it best when he said this!

“Dogs would rather walk than do anything else…even for a dog living in a large backyard, if they don’t have a chance to go out and explore the world by walking, it’s just like living in a big kennel”.

I am sure none of us want our dog’s to have the feeling of living in a big kennel. So let’s all get out there and do some dog walking!

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